Rhino Water : News October - December 2018

From water harvesting and filtration systems to bioremediation of polluted water bodies and the recycling of effluent, Rhino Water contributes to the conservation of our planet’s lifesustaining resource.

Rhino Water offers innovative and customised solutions in a conscious effort to reduce water consumption and address the challenges of environmental pollution.

Our clientele varies from small domestic users to large industry, including factories, office blocks and shopping centres as well as agricultural and housing developments.

Water storage solutions

1. Galvanized steel reservoirs with PVC liner. 10 year warranty (T&C apply) at competitive prices. Installation anywhere in SA. Shade cloth or galvanized roof optional.

2. Damsak , 500 litre - 200 000 litre.

3. We also supply and fit PVC liners to existing cement reservoirs.

4. Fibreglass tanks (500 l to 10 000 litre) with removable lid.

Contact info@rhinowater.co.za for more information and pricing.

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Overview of Rhino Water (Pty) Ltd:

Rhino Water (Pty) Ltd
15 Voyle Street
Port Elizabeth
Contact Details
Contact :Sarel Bam
Telephone : 041 451 3197
Cell : 082 783 6817
Email : Click Here

Office Hours
Mon - 8am -5pm
Tue - 8am -5pm
Wed - 8am -5pm
Thu - 8am -5pm
Fri - 8am -5pm
Sat - Closed
Sun - Closed
After Hours Available Y/N

Primary Services/Products
Dam Liners
Open water bioremediation
Food & beverage waste
Sewage & grey water
Industrial effluent
Abattoir waste

Other Services
Fat & grease traps
Manure, sludge & oxidation ponds
Water harvesting
Water filtration
Cold & hot water storage
Dam liners & flotation covers