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Rhino Water is the primary distribution agent for Africa for the patented range of Damsak water storage solutions.

Damsak is an extremely cost-effective and patented bladder storage option for liquids.

It is manufactured by welding polyvinylchloride (PVC) impregnated tarpaulin sheet material together. This material has an internal polyester mesh making it exceptionally strong.

Special jigs are used to give the corners their unique and important shape. The novel design allows for the storage of an unlimited volume of liquid, simply by varying Damsak’s footprint. This is a major advantage over existing wire mesh and vinyl reservoirs as well as other bladder reservoirs. It also provides an attractive alternative to concrete reservoirs, which are expensive to install and may require extensive maintenance as they age.

Damsak bladders are collapsible – a 200,000-litre bladder can be transported to site in a car boot. Sizes vary from 500 litres to 200,000 litres, although made-to-fit, customised options may be possible.

Algae and the like will not grow in Damsak reservoirs as water is stored in a closed and dark environment. As it is a closed system, there is also no evaporation.

Pricing is extremely competitive for storage of over 6,000 litres, and below that, comparable to moulded tanks.

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