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H&M machinery and Irrigation is the importer and distributor of world class Bauer irrigation machinery and Bauer slurry processing equipment. Bauer is the world leader in technology for decades and our products are number 1 on the world market! Bauer is constantly improving and changing the products to be more efficient and effective. We offer our clients a tailor made solution for their irrigation or slurry processing needs.

Overview of H&M Machinery and Irrigation:

H&M Machinery and Irrigation
87 Celle street
Glencoe, KZN, 2930
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Contact :Mariska Sonnekus
Telephone : 079 879 7332
Cell : 079 879 7332
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Office Hours
Mon - 8am -5pm
Tue - 8am -5pm
Wed - 8am -5pm
Thu - 8am -5pm
Fri - 8am -5pm
Sat - Closed
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Primary Products
Pivot/Linear/Centerliner Systems
Rainstar Irrigation Machines
Irrigation Booms
Diesel Pumping Units
Wide-Range Sprinklers
Bauer Famos Gear Pump
Bedding Recoverypress
Screws Beltec Unit

Other Products
Separation Technology
Agitation Technology
Pumping Technology
Bauer Slurry Tankers
Separator System

H&M Machinery and Irrigation

Specialists in Irrigation Equipment & slurry processing equipment

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Rainstar Irrigation Machines

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Irrigation Boom

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Centrestar 9000 Pivot

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Seperation Technology